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Patient-Centric Products

Using Augmented Intelligence (AI), Consumer Metrics and Statistical Modeling to predict potential patient problems and deploy human capital in real-time to address issues before they occur.

How the AdvoCor Platform Works


AdvoCor Competitive Advantage

  • Predictive approach based on Augmented Intelligence and statistical modeling

  • Automated prescribed messaging to enhance provider-patient communication

  • Real-time deployment of human capital to address problems before they occur

  • Triage based on client defined priorities

  • Most complete Patient/Consumer knowledge base (3rd party metrics, client and AdvoCor proprietary data)

  • Cloud-based platform leverages existing IT infrastructure

  • Implementation accomplished in days not weeks or months

  • Results delivered in weeks not months or years

The AdvoCor Platform


AdvoCor AI

How it Works

  • Utilizes patient information and historic experience metrics to predict concerns of each patient

  • Guides team members to optimal action plans in real time

  • Suggests specific interactions based on identified risks


  • Experience risk assessment will guide purposeful conversations to the correct patients

  • Prioritization of patient rounding will improve leader efficiency

  • Having confidence that your organization is proactively addressing the most likely concerns of each patient


AdvoCor PEX

How it Works

  • AdvoCor AI enabled Rounding/Survey/Audit Tool

  • Integrated Service Recovery

  • Dashboarding and Reports

  • Action Management


  • Actionable insight for guiding your patient experience – improvement strategy

  • Understanding of who is delivering the agreed upon activities for driving your patient experience – improvement strategy

  • Business intelligence tools that reflect the impact of your activities on your HCAHPS survey results

  • Real time mitigation and on-going monitoring of service recovery opportunities


AdvoCor Optimus

How it Works

  • Direct two-way patient communication via text

  • Central portal to manage all communication lines

  • Fully integrated with AdvoCor AI and AdvoCor PEX


  • Direct to patient communication without the need to download an app

  • Interact with any patient regardless of their medical status (isolation)

  • All patients feel valued regardless of their medical status (isolation)

  • Reduces exposure and increases safety for patients and team members

The AdvoCor Advantage

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