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AdvoCor Ambulatory  

Patient Experience (PX) Module

Automating Your Patient

Experience (PX) Communication

Optimus is designed to expand your capability to positively influence the patient experience perceptions while using less dedicated staff hours. Optimus leverages the A.I., machine learning, service recovery, and text capabilities of the AdvoCor Platform to enable a complete inpatient and ambulatory PX management system that can stand alone as your only PX rounding initiative or augment your in-person PX strategies.

Standalone Patient-centric Automessaging

Optimus can function as a stand alone application for simple PX enhancement. Reduce potential patient and staff communication barriers associated with being placed in isolation and other health/safety protocols. Utilize Optimus to proactively inform, educate, and level set with patients and their family members.


• Create custom message events that align with your organization’s service and delivery standards

• Deliver messages during key moments of the patient experience (Pre Admission, Upon Arrival and Discharge)

• Filter messages by demographic, location, patient status, and/or provider

• Integrated Service Recovery powered by AdvoCor PEX

Augment your current PX Efforts:

Optimus can also be used to open two-way communication with all patients or custom grouping of patients, as little or as much as you desire. Augment your inpatient rounding and use Optimus to communicate with low PX risk patients, or for simple functions to easy the burden on PX staff.

Messages change daily based on PX risk priority and Healthcare Organization system standards.


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