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AdvoCor Ambulatory  

Patient Experience (PX) Module

AdvoCor Ambulatory

Patient Experience (PX) Module

Manage in-center, in-clinic, and at-home patient experience communications using Augmented Intelligence (AI), Consumer Metrics, and Statistical Modeling to predict potential patient problems and deploy human capital in real-time to address issues before they occur, both in-person and virtually.

Compatible with all ambulatory CAHPS: OAS, MIPS, CG, ICH, ED, and ECHO.

Including CAHPS for Nursing Home, Home Health, Hospice, Dental, Cancer Care, and Health


• Predictive approach based on Augmented Intelligence and statistical modeling

• Automated prescribed messaging to enhance provider-patient communication

• Real-time deployment of human capital to address problems before they occur
• Triage based on client defined priorities

• Cloud-based platform leverages existing IT infrastructure
• Fast implementation = Fast results


CAHPS AI assisted Rounding Features:

• Customized Inpatient and Outpatient Rounding Dashboard for easy patient management
• AI insights to target the right patient, at the right time, with the right action/message
• AdvoCor Connect text-based patient communication for virtual and/or asynchronous rounding and service recovery
• Outpatient and Surgical Center Specific reports
• Staff/Facility/Safety Rounding capabilities
• Role Based access for efficient end-user interaction
• EHR Interface Ready

• Hub and Spoke architecture that adapts to any size organization

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