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Impact of Patient Experience on Hospital Financial Metrics

Patient Experience has long had a direct impact on healthcare organization’s financial performance by way of the Hospital Value Based Purchasing Program. Prior published analysis of patient experience has pointed to a correlation with financial...


Sustainable Patient Experience Improvement Strategies

As we navigate through the COVID Delta Variant, the question for anyone leading the PX journey remains the same - what are the strategies that should be deployed to ensure that patients and their family members are receiving the best possible care and   [...]


Proactive & Purposeful Patient Rounding

Since the impact of COVID 19, how well has your organization reacted to the changing needs of your patients and staff? How much time has elapsed or how many patients did you deliver care to before you realized that yesterday’s best practices are not working [...]


Getting More with Less

We have been conditioned to be very cautious when coming across something that appears too good to be true. When faced with this scenario, many of us wonder “what is the catch” and/or “what is stated in the fine print?”. Those concerns would likely [...]


Keeping Your Employees Safe

As we continue to deliver quality and compassionate care during this COVID pandemic, ensuring the safety of your employees is an upmost priority. A focus of this magnitude should be led by senior management, however, everyone in the organization must [...]


Leveraging AI to Drive Patient Engagement

Leading the patient experience improvement effort in today’s healthcare climate is challenging. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 global pandemic has significantly impacted the entire healthcare industry. Historic financial losses aligned to declining volumes with [...]


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