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Announcing AdvoCor Optimus

Inpatient or outpatient, AdvoCor Optimus brings 
an AI driven approach to patient communication

Automated Messages - Human Response

The Value of Patient Experience

Hospitals with higher patient satisfaction scores have profit margins 2.5 time larger than those hospitals with lower patient satisfaction scores (“The Value of Patient Experience,” Deloitte Healthcare Solutions, 2018)

More than 73% of satisfied patients will stay with their current provider and 70% of them will tell another person about their positive experience” (“The Patient Experience Consumer Study 2018,” The Beryl Institute)

Patients reporting high patient satisfaction scores and good patient-provider communication were 39 percent less likely to be re-hospitalized (“Good Patient Satisfaction, Communication Tied to Low Readmissions,” Patient Engagement HIT, December 2017)

Charts and Graphs

Improve Patient Care


Increase Operational Efficiency


Meet Compliance Standards

Platform Overview

The AdvoCor Platform

AdvoCor is the first platform to use Augmented Intelligence (AI), 3rd party metrics and statistical modeling to predict patient problems and deploy in real-time human capital to address patient issues before they are reported.

AdvoCor Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

    • Raising patient satisfaction scores produces increase in revenue

  • Better Patient Experience

    • Predictive analytics leads to pro-active communication

    • Prescriptive messaging results in better provider-patient interactions

  • Reduce Costs

    • Shorter length of stay

    • Lower re-admission rates

    • Reduced malpractice claims

Man Viewing Dashboards

AdvoCor is the first platform to use AI, consumer metrics, and statistical modeling to predict patient problems and deploy human capital in real-time to address potential issues.

Client Testimonials

We are using it to make decisions around patient menu and programs. Information is reviewed bi-weekly with patient service work group. The other positive is we moved the RDs to strictly clinical, while the Patient Service Supervisors are being trained to visit their customers.
-Eileen O’Donoghue, General Manager

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